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Who needs an intervention?

A man or woman in need of an intervention exhibits behaviors that are interfering with their life functioning.  Hence, their personal life and work life have suffered. They cannot maintain healthy relationships, if they have children, they are being neglected or even abused. If they are married that marriage may be on the brink of divorce or already failed.  They have trouble maintaining work and are at risk of harming themselves and/or others.  If this person has already been confronted and asked to seek help to no avail, then it is time to hire an educated, licensed and professional interventionist. Be careful about whom you hire, you want someone with the experience and credentials as Belina.

What is an intervention?

An intervention includes bringing a team of concerned loved ones coupled with a professional who is educated in addictions and mental health.  That team discusses and plans what they believe to be in the best interest of the concerned person at hand.  That concerned person, or the designated client, is then educated, and respectfully presented with options for treatment so that they can live their best life.  The team brings support and love for the client so that the client can see that there are options and hope.  The interventionist, Belina, helps facilitate these options, bringing sound clinical advice, resources and direction for change.

When should you have an intervention?

Chances are you are reading this years or months into the addiction at hand.  Hence, if you have been frustrated for a great deal of time, watched someone waste their life and hurt others, then you need to hire a professional right away. There is little time to waste, the sooner the better. Call now to schedule an intervention.  Every day not calling puts the client at greater risk.  His or her addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, hoarding, pornography, food or other vice creates a dangerous situation that must be addressed as soon as possible.

Why should you have an intervention?

If you do not do anything then this person, the concerned friend, colleague, or family member, may not live out the life they were intended to live.  The question really is why not?  If you are concerned and have been for some time, then is it finally time to intervene with a qualified, experienced, and professional like Belina.

How to have an intervention?

After you call us we will determine how to move forward and expedite this process of intervention.  Belina is based in Colorado but for some circumstances will travel out of state for an intervention. Typically, Belina will meet with concerned family, friends and/or colleagues discuss all of the concerns and wishes for the client so that Belina can formulate a solid and successful plan for the next day when we meet all together with the recognized client.  That second day after all meeting with the client we can escort him/her into some level of treatment.

Expectations of outcome.

How you perceive success is unique to every client and/or their family.  Most would define success as the client gets into inpatient treatment and remains sober for the rest of their life from their drug of choice.  At our meeting to begin the intervention process you will define success and state your expectations.  It is this clinician’s perspective that you should expect professionalism, expertise, reliability, and the ultimate best outcome for your family member or loved one.

Your loved one’s history, current level of motivation and incentive to change are all variables related to success.  The expectation of this clinician/interventionist is that every identified client reach their full potential. In the case of addictions, that means sobriety, commitment to treatment and recovery, and later engagement in meaningful work and successful relationships.

Contact Belina!

Belina understands that clients who need an intervention also need thorough after care upon successful discharge from inpatient treatment.

Belina understands.

In terms of specializations, Belina comes from a strengths based perspective. She has helped hundreds of people who were suffering from addictions and mental health issues. Her framework is vast and eclectic, ranging from trauma informed care, especially with women trauma survivors and PTSD among veterans. She understands that clients who need an intervention also need thorough after care upon successful discharge from inpatient treatment. Therefore, Belina believes that once the client trusts her and agrees to enter inpatient treatment, that client needs to reconnect with Belina in order to continue after care at a new level, back in our community. Maintaining sobriety in the community requires critical skills, intense support both informally via family and close friends, but also formal support via a clinician like Belina.
  • US families with at least one addict among their immediate family members. 40% 40%
  • Addicts in complete denial about their addiction. 50% 50%
  • Successful interventions when led by a professional interventionist. 90% 90%
  • Families who will make the decision to seek out professional help with an intervention. 7% 7%
Dear Belina,

Words seem insufficient to express my gratitude for you advocacy, support, an provision over the last year. Thank you for giving me a safe place to come to terms with the unfortunate circumstances that have plagued my life for years, and the support I needed to accept the things I’ve run from. I am so blessed to have an answered prayer in you and the group. I feel adequately equipped to carry on, and furthermore, anxious to see what has yet to unfold in my future. From the bottom of my heart – thank you!

Michele Holland

I have seen a few therapist over the years , and all of them were friendly and attentive. This time around however, I took the time to search a little deeper, as I needed someone who specialized in women’s issues. I personally struggle with PTSD, anxiety, depression and addiction – as a surviver of sexual (and domestic) abuse.

I discovered ‘A Woman’s Guide To Recovery’ and Belina is absolutely amazing! In the past I had difficulty following through and staying committed to therapy. Since I started seeing Belina, I started seeing changes in myself. I actually look forward to my appointments! I have been sober since July 25, 2016. and for me, that’s a long time. Belina goes above and beyond her call of duty. She is very educated with extensive experience in her abilities to help women.

If you are struggling with issues and needing guidance, I would highly recommend ‘A Women’s Guide To Recovery’. Belina has the compassion and the tools to help you see the light.

Jen M

I cannot imagine having any other therapist than Belina Fruitman. She doesn’t just treat the addiction, but the roots of it. The biggest and most valuable tools she has helped me to find and develop are boundaries and self-worth. She has helped me immensely with how to replace the negative voice inside me with positive affirmations and tools to remain sober and moving forward. She has taught me to believe in myself and to know that I am worth staying sober; as well as accepting and loving my authentic self. My life is completely changed and continuing to change in positive and beautiful ways because of Belina Fruitman. I deserve this sober and authentic life!
Carrie G.