Hobbies for parents

Belina discusses hobbies for parents and self care – https://www.romper.com/p/moms-keep-some-hobbies-for-yourself-yourself-alone-22920184

Talking to your children

Belina discussing how to help our children during the pandemic – https://www.romper.com/p/school-closings-are-hard-on-kids-so-heres-how-to-talk-to-them-about-it-22624156

Parenting during the pandemic

Belina’s most recent article on parenting with Romper.com – https://www.romper.com/p/parents-hitting-a-wall-during-the-pandemic-is-totally-normal-experts-say-22879264

How can you NOT believe in Miracles?

 The last 24 hours I have been contemplating how fragile life is. I have always been keenly aware of this, as random, unpredictable events occur every minute of every day. However, when this happens to you, several potent feelings arise.  The first feeling...

The Boomerang, By Belina Nassi Fruitman, LCSW, CAClll

  Last night as I sat uncomfortably and unexpectedly on my hospital cot with my teen son in the patient bed by my side, I thought “ahh, the childhood toy the boomerang.” The boomerang is a thrown tool originally made in Australia for hunting, typically...

FEAR By Belina Nassi Fruitman, LCSW, CAClll

Preface: My hope is that you will ponder and seriously ask yourself these questions below, it may give you hope. In honor of the new year, let’s face our fear(s).  Many of us do not pursue our dreams nor passions due to fear.  What better time than now to face fear...