A Tribute to Louise Hay, 1926-2017
By Belina Nassi Fruitman

Few people change the world by creating a ripple effect in their years on this planet. However, in the 90 years of her life, Louise Hay managed to not only build a business empire from only one thought, a radical new idea that we can overcome any adversity via our thinking, but also created a self-help industry beyond measure. This was “new age” at the time yet she lived it. As a woman who was sexually abused as a five-year-old and then abused for years by a step father and then later a pregnant teenager who gave her baby up for adoption, she was horribly tested. When she learned how to alter her thoughts, even overcoming cervical cancer, she realized that she could help countless others. Let’s salute Ms. Hay by integrating her way of life into our own.

Here are 7 of her most famous affirmations and/or beliefs, challenge yourself to read one a day and live that one. Every week start over and begin with the first one again. Note that you can add more to this list as she has hundreds.

1. Every thought we think is creating our future.
2. You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we’re not. We always have the power of our minds…Claim and consciously use your power.
3. Begin to recognize prosperity everywhere, and rejoice in it.
4. Look at the problems in your life. Ask yourself, ‘What kind of thoughts am I having that create this?
5. You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.
6. I say “Out” to every negative thought that comes to my mind. No person, place, or thing has any power over me, for I am the only thinker in my mind. I create my own reality and everyone in it.
7. Every time you meditate, every time you do visualization for healing, every time you say something for healing the whole planet, you are connecting with like-minded people all over the planet who are doing the same thing.